Friday, September 28, 2012

Review: Sulwhasoo Skin Clarifying Mask

Its name isn't very indicative but this is actually a peeling mask. I bought this while I was in Korea. For those who are unfamiliar with Sulwhasoo, it is one of the two famous Korean brands that is separate from Skinfood, Missha, etc. that have only recently gained international exposure due to the popularity of BB cream. Their products are mostly for mature skin, but there are two products that are used with great praise for younger, 20-30's skin. One of them is this. The other is the Sulwhasoo First Care Serum.

My face has been looking a bit dark and uneven despite using Missha Super Aqua Detox Peeling Gel every two days and I had a new pimple pop up. Not sure what's wrong with my face this week.. maybe the stress is coming along. So I decided to try something new for my face and opened this mask.

Description (taken from
  • This unique honey-textured treatment is formulated with small solomonseal powder to absorb impurities and Japanese honeysuckle to hydrate, smooth, and brighten. 
  • The powerful blend of Korean medicinal herbs exfoliates and purifies for a smoother, brighter, clearer complexion.
  • Apply evenly over the face following Balancing Emulsion, avoiding lips and hair line.  Allow to set for 30 minutes.  Once mask has completely dried, peel off the mask from top to bottom.
My impression:

This peeling mask isn't like a chemical peeling gel where you keep massaging it on your face. You put this mask on, leave it on until it dries and then literally peel it off like you're peeling a huge sticker that you put over your whole face. Because of that, its consistency is quite thick. It has that herbal smell similar to Sulwhasoo First Care Serum, which is not a big deal to me but may be for some people who don't like herbal scents.

I was quite impressed with this mask. I actually used the Origins Active Charcoal Mask 2 days ago because it usually brightens my skin up a bit, but it didn't this time. This mask though, did brighten my skin and evened out my bumps. I thought that peeling this mask off my face would in return irritate my face and pimples, but it did not. In fact, the pimple that I got from trying out Skinfood Omija Whitening Serum & Cream that still hasn't really settled down yet, got smaller and less red after this mask. Same with the other pimple that I got earlier this week.

In addition, my pore sizes decreased, which I took as a sign that it successfully removed the impurities and dirt from those pores. Sometimes some of the blackheads on my nose were gone, but sometimes I don't see a difference. But my blackheads have significantly decreased in number and size ever since I revamped my whole skincare regimen with Korean skincare products. I've also noticed a decrease in the blackheads taken out by Kose Softymo Nose Clean Pack (nose strips), so perhaps this mask will be more effective in taking out blackheads that are bigger in size or number.

Also, as you can see from the instructions, this mask takes 30 minutes to dry. Not a good peeling mask when you're rushed for time.

Finally, a little tip: don't apply it over your hair. I didn't pay much attention when I put on the mask so I applied a bit over my eye brows. When I was peeling off the mask from my face, I ended up pulling the ends of my eye brow hairs. I don't think I actually pulled out any hairs (phew!) but it was a bit painful!


Brightened my skin and decreased pore sizes
Decreased number of blackheads on my nose
Not irritating to the skin despite peeling it off your skin
$30 for 100ml on eBay

Grade: 4/5 because it went the extra mile when the Origins Active Charcoal Mask couldn't in terms of brightening and clearing my pores but it takes 30 minutes

Value: 4/5 because it's pretty inexpensive and works quite well

Repurchase? I may consider buying this again since it's a good "enhancer" to my other chemical peeling gels/exfoliators and it's not that expensive on eBay


  1. do u have the ingredient list for this?

  2. After reading your review, i'd like to give it a try. I will order it tonight and let you know later

    1. Sure do! Hope it works for you. Let me know :)

  3. PLEAAASEEEEE answer;;

    How do you think its just an enchancer to your other peeling products? Hows your routines with this and those peeling products?

    Thankyou!! ;;)

    1. Hello, sorry for the late reply! I think it's an enhancer because I feel that it makes me skin even smoother if I use this AFTER my other peeling products. But if I use this alone, it doesn't do much because it's a bit too gentle. That is, if I still have a ton of dirt and impurities on my skin, this clarifying mask can't take everything away. Hope that clarifies things!

  4. hi, thanks for great review.
    I just bought my own Sulwhasoo clarifying mask, it's a bit expensive here, but it works so great.. I use it every days. Day 1 for bha, day 2 for aha and day 3 for Sulwhasoo clarifying mask. I feel my skin much better now 😁

    1. Glad you like it and that it's working out with your routine! :)